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Terms of Use ( how to deal with personal information )

Please read how to deal with personal information, and agree with it before applying for our service.

―Revised 3rd, April, 2017
―Established 5th, April, 2004
<Terms of use>
Workport announces the following policy on the handling of customers' personal information.

<The name of the business operator handling personal information>
Workport, Co., Ltd.
<The name in charge of handling personal information>
Workport, Co., Ltd.. Akira Nakano

<Purpose of using personal information>
・To give you a reply regarding your inquiry.
・To provide our service properly when applying for the job postings listed on this Web site.
・To provide our service regarding free download with a sample of resume and skill sheet, mail magazine distribution, the other mail distribution, and the other providing information about job postings, etc...
There is a possibility of declining the costomer to utilize our service if we assume that it is inadequate of the costomer for providing our service.

<Sharing personal information in Workport Group>
Workport, Co., Ltd. and our group companies will share each personal information within the limit of the above purposes, and we will stop sharing the information when the customers like to stop sharing their own information.

1.User of sharing personal information
Workport, Co., Ltd. and each group company of us
2.The purpose of utilizing the personal information
The same purpose is as “Purpose of using personal information” on the above
3.The items of personal information we would share
Name/Address/Phone-number/Email address/ and the other way to communicate with
4.The person is responsible for handling personal information
Workport, Co., Ltd. Akira Nakano

<The list of Group companies>
・WORKPORT Higashinihon Japan Co., Ltd.
・WORKPORT Tokai Co., Ltd.
・WORKPORT Nishinihon Japan Co., Ltd.
・WORKPORT Kyushu Co., Ltd.

<Restriction of provision the information to a third party>
Unless otherwise required by law, we do not provide the personal information to a third party without the costmers’ own acception, except for the following conditions.

1: The purpose of providing it to a third party: To notify an application to the company
2: The items of providing personal information: Name, address, birthday, career, situation of job hunting( the name of companies, status of job hunting, suggested salary)
3: The providing method: To provide infomation directly to our client by a letter (contained in the unrecognizable record by humans’ perception like electronic or magnetic method), or by an access controlled management system on the Web.
4: The person / the group who is received the information: Only the clients which want to recruit are having contracts with us.
5: The contract about treating the personal information: We have made a contract with all clients about prohibition and non-disclosure the information with the others.

We do not entrust the personal information to another person of business

<Disclosure of personal information and an inquiry desk>
We will comply with the requirement about notification of the purpose of use, release, modification, deletion, stop of utilization, and stop of providing it to a third party. When requiring and want to get more information or ask for it, check the following “Complaint and inquiry desk”, please.

<Complaint and inquiry desk>
Entering items are optional except for a couple of mandatory ones. In the case of receiving pesonal infomation, however, there is possibility that we cannnot provide properly our service of applying direcly for a job posting on this Web site.

<Acquisition of the costomers’ personal information via the way of unrecognizable easily by own costomer>
We use Cookie partly in order to provide properly suitable service to the costomer on this Web site, and there is no possibility that someone acquire the personal information by Cookie.

<Privacy policy>
Please check the privacy policy on this Web site.

<Personal information complaint and consultation counter>
Workport Co., Ltd. personal information complaint and consultation desk
1-2-2 Osaki, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo 141-0032 Art Village Osaki Central Tower 6F・9F
Inquiries by phone: 0120-77-1049
Inquiries by e-mail: (Opening hours Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays, 10:00 to 17:00)

All transmissions of personal information are encrypted and protected by SSL communication.