Workport Co., Ltd., is a recruit agent which was established in 2003, and supports job hunting for not only Japanese people, but ones from different countries.

Making use of our experience, we launched “GLOBAL PARTNERS” in April 2020, as our new service specialized for those who are from the other countries. We will make further efforts in providing the best service in order to assist your job hunting to work in Japan. We would like to support both those who are living in Japan and from their countries, regardless of their nationalities.

What is our service?

Our recruitment consultancy service is assisting your job hunting. “Job Agent”, has high expertise in both job-change-market in Japan, and job hunting for the people from different countries, will support you thoroughly. In addition, our service is entirely free of charge.

What is our feature?

Job Agent expertizes in job-change-market in Japan, and have considerable experience to match many people from other countries with Japanese companies.

We can tell you not only an advice of Job hunting, but also the method of acquiring / uploading your working permitted VISA.

We can introduce matched job-post with your requirement from a number of lists.

We have over 70,000 job postings, and struggle to pick up the most suitable job for you. Please feel free to inform us of what you would like to ask for any conditions.

We would like to give how to write your resume and skill sheet in Japanese language, and give training of interview to you.

Job Agent helps you to prepare for Japanese company’s interview. We can run a simulation of interview, and revise your documents, for example.

We implement global job fair periodically.

The fair is very familiar and popular of the people who search a job in Japan in order to find suitable company by themselves.

You can choose one from 2 course, either “A:Selecting Course” or “B:Interviews Course.”

We can tell you not only an advice of Job hunting, but also the method of acquiring / uploading your working permitted VISA.

Procedure of our support

Applying for our service

Please apply for our consultation service on the following, and push the Orange Button. On the date you applied or after 1 ~ 3 days you applied, staff of WORKPORT GLOBAL PARTNERS will contact you on the email. (Please feel free to apply for our service because our service is entirely free of charge.)

Adjusting the date and way of consultation/ Selecting the course

The staff of WORKPORT GLOBALPARTNERS will send the mail to you, and afterwards select your available dates you can take the consultation, the way it is easy for you to talk with Job Agent (ex: directly, skype, or call) , and your requested course, please.


Job Agent will take the consultation with you for about 60 minutes. In the consultation, we would like to talk about your requirement about your job hunting, your career experience, and consider the best way of your next career together. WORKPORT GLOBALPARTNERS is preparing for 2 course with your request.

Suggestion job posting ~ Applying for the company

We will introduce several job postings to you based on information we have talked in the consultation. You will select the companies which you would like to apply for from the list. You are also able to depend on Job Agent if you want to apply for every company as much as you can apply for.


After passing the document selection, we will adjust the time of interview with the company. Several companies would like to take the interview with you directly, but the others would like to take it online like Skype.

Getting an offer~Joining the company

When you can get an official offer by the company, we will explain you the company’s conditions in detail. We are trying to support by several angles, like adjusting salary, when you join, and checking if you already have qualification to work in Japan, otherwise we will tell you the way of acquiring /uploading Working Permitted VISA. Besides, we can advise the way of retiring your current job if you want.